Say 'No' to rent, When you can own

Owning a house is perhaps the main monetary choice you'll make in the course of your life. It would feel like you have unlocked the dream phase of your life. We realize it will not be that simple, yet with us, you will discover it as a cakewalk. We're prepared to understand your dream to its fullest and commit to work towards your goal.

How Rent-To-Own program

How a Rent-To-Own program (RTO) will be helpful

Rent To Own program is a great way of owning your own home if you are unable to qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Also known as Lease Option, it enables individuals and families to get into the home of their choice. First, they lease it, then buy it at the end of an agreed term.

Typically, You, the Rent-To-Own program candidate, will provide an initial deposit and pay a monthly deposit in addition to rent, to accumulate for your future mortgage.

During the program term, our team will work with you on overcoming the initially identified challenge. Together, we will design and implement a personalized strategy plan to set you up for success at the end of the term.

RTO is really a solution for hard working, good-income earners that have saved a little bit of a down payment but are having some credit file challenges and are getting a 'No' from the banks.

Poor credit, unstable employment, previous loan rejection - You can still apply

Immediate possession of your home despite your challenges

Fixed rent during the term. Monthly build up savings for your future home purchase

Option to achieve homeownership within a predetermined period of time

Predetermined purchase price, not affected by real estate price inflation

Your success is our business. We aim at making you mortgage ready at the end term

12 +
Happy Homeowners
250 +
Financial Health Improvement
60 +
Smile Spreaded

Why does Rent-To-Own change the traditional mortgage process?

Getting a mortgage can be a tough process to go through. You have to do plenty of research, maintain a good credit score, communicate with lots of people & sometimes spend some money to get an approval. Rent To Own programs simplify things. Just enrol, be a part of the program & get the keys after program completion. You will get rid of challenges like bad credit score, lack of down payment, new to the country, financial weakness & many more.

How RTON (RentToOwn-Now) is the one that you are looking for?

We are not building a collection of clients, we build family & relationships. To nurture that relationship, we act as your hand up in buying your dream house.
A journey from 'Mortgage' to 'Homeownership' might be tough, but with us- you are always improving. We also look into Financial betterment. That would be a plus point if you want a stable financial condition along with your dream house.

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