RTON – the Smartest way to spend money on rent

Janet recently moved to Canada thanks to an internal mobility opportunity within the company she worked for in Europe. She came with Thomas her husband who also found a job shortly after they landed. They were hard workers with good-income who wanted to buy a house but got rejected because of their lack of credit history in Canada as newcomers. RTON then came into the picture. RTON Team introduced their program to her & described some strategies towards strengthening their financial application. Eventually, Janet had a spark: RTON was the solution for buying a new house in a new country.

RTON- A program for everyone

We believe that customers are also a part of the process. We handle all steps with transparency towards our clients. From not getting a mortgage to owning a house, we understand how life-changing this can be. That's why we put the PEOPLE at the heart of our RTON program. We are not agents or dealers. We are real estate investors with a mission to provide an optimal solution to improve your financial condition, help you find a home that suits your needs & set everything in motion to get you mortgage ready at the end. Here’s how our expertise did a little magic in Janet’s life.

We know you, You know us

Communication solves half of the issues. We first focused on understanding Janet's concerns & requirements.

The bigger picture of your financial condition

Prepare an analytical report of their immigration status & recurrent Canadian income that leads the path to home-ownership

Terms that we both agree upon

We explain the procedure terms & confirm it with a mutual agreement. We make her understand how our process works

Start our efforts on the project

We took Janet onboard & kicked off their house hunting. We powered up our network to find out the best home that she had dreamed of

Choice of the house that fits all your needs

Janet has all the liberty to choose a house, the features & amenities she had wished for in her own house

Start paying smart rent & Get homeownership after completion

Confirming all the process documentation & procedure we immediately moved Janet & her husband into the house that they selected by paying an initial deposit

Time to build a great credit score

Continue making your monthly payments on time & shift to the house of your dreams. After successful program completion, you will get the keys to your happiness.

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