About Us

What is the RTON referral program?

A RTON referral program is a word-of-mouth initiative to incentivize existing customers, realtors, mortgage brokers and our community in general, for every reference. With this initiative, we encourage more people to address their friends, colleagues, neighbors or anyone who's looking to buy a house but getting roadblocks. We'll help them & reward you for the reference. Indeed, there's something to earn for everyone who's connected with RTON.

Referrals from Realtors/ Mortgage brokers

People who make referrals function like an agent's agent. Realtors & mortgage brokers benefit because they're licensed and known with the word 'brokerage'. As a mortgage broker or a realtor, you have to guide clients who find it tough to get a mortgage & buy a house. We are happy to create a triple win situation with you, your client and us. You bring us a client, we make them happy whilst doing business with your brokerage. So with as little as a phone call, you can become part of our program & expand your business through referrals.

Referrals from other Professionals and General Public

You can refer any individual who is having difficulties getting a mortgage for a new house. You certainly know people from your groups of friends, family, colleagues, neighbors- who are looking for a house, but struggle to finance it. What you have to do is just draw them to us. We'll help them & give you a referral bonus for every successful recommendation. Our transparency speaks louder for our reputation. We always aim at building win-win-win deals, a win for each and all parties.

How our Referral program work?

Pass us a referral

You know someone in your group, family, friends, or neighborhood who face challenges trying to buy their house. Just draw their attention towards RentToOwn-Now (RTON).

Client Assessment

We start assessing their eligibility, analyzing their current situation & taking action to get them the keys of happiness.

Get Rewards

You'll get the referral bonus for every successful enrollment of your reference. You help them, We reward you- the cycle must go on.

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