We bring that unimaginable smile. The smile that comes from getting your keys to your new house. We come as a hope for those who find themselves in an impossible situation of not getting a mortgage. Ethics, Experience & Expertise - it's our core value. That's how we can work on a goal of helping people to get them to their dream house. It's not the result of one's effort, it's all about teamwork. We have domain expertise to look into your roadblocks & clear them to bring you homeownership."

About the Founder


It all started with the aim of paying tribute to her African origins. Although she currently thinks of herself as a citizen of the world due to the multiple cultures she was blessed to encounter, Carine was brought up with the idea that providing a home to your loved ones is the most beautiful thing you can gift them with.

In her journey to build a legacy for her loved ones, it becames obvious to her that not only can she achieve her goals but she could do so whilst enabling other families to do the same thing.

Carine thus put together a team of talented people who help Individuals and families either acquire their home when they  struggle to get traditional mortgage or put their hard earned money at work to bring them above average return on investment. 

"We work on figuring out what stops people from getting a home mortgage & we coach them to  it get it whilst they have already moved in. Eventually, you don't have to sacrifice your dream of getting your own house, just because of mistakes or non smart choices you made in the past.  As a Founder of RentToOwn-Now, I am focused on spreading the awesome feeling of Homeownership to everyone who knocks our door. Afterall, a smile on your face is all that we need! " - Carine.

Carine constinously partners will other investors willing to be part of this beautiful project and enable them to build their own family legacy with above average return on investment.
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A Teamwork makes a Dreamwork


Mortgage Broker

The ultimate goal is to qualify for a mortgage at the end of the program. So, our mortgage brokers provide the data to allow both you and us to design a successful action plan.


Credit Repair Specialist

Your credit score needs to be enhanced in order to get financial betterment. Our specialists can achieve this with ease.



Talk about real estate & Realtors not being pronounced, it’s impossible. So, we've got the best realtors to find the home of your choice.


General Contractor

After getting your home, you have to make it ready-to-live, right? Our general contractors take care of everything that you want in the renovation. After all, it’s your dream & our efforts.


Program Manager

Mainly ‘The sailor of the ship’. Who’s taking responsibility that every section works in the right direction. As they play a major role in your home buying, we have the best program manager here.



With a mentor, who’s experienced and become your partner, overcoming roadblocks is easier. We’re working with talented & expert Mentors in our team to help you.



As we talk about finance, we must partner with the right Investor in order to get you the keys to your happiness & kick off the RentToOwn-Now program.



Transparency is the first rule of any agreement. So, we have dedicated notaries and lawyers with the best advice in the market. We ensure your program will be achieved within the government guidelines.

Feedback from our valued customers

What Our Clients Say About Us

I recently got homeownership, all thanks to the RentToOwn-Now (RTON) program. It started with a very tough process for me as I could not get any mortgage approval before. But I felt 100% confident when enrolling in RTON. In addition, the RTON team is extremely responsive towards financial betterment. They really listen to clients and go the extra mile with customer service.

Monty Moni
Kingston, ON

Honestly, my credit score was far from pretty. My mortgage application got rejected two times already! Currently the RTON team is coming as a hands up for me. Their likeability is what you want in someone teaming up with you to work towards your big dream of homeownership. If you ask me about a home-buying program 11 out of 10 times, I would recommend RTON.

Mike Hotten
Ottawa, Canada
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