No one can stop you from becoming a proud homeowner!

Whether your credit score is weak or you don't have enough money for the down payment, we are committed to fulfilling your home-owning dream, no matter what difficulties you have to face!

  • Live in your own home from day one
  • Fix the future purchase price – from day one
  • Build value from day one
  • Enjoy full freedom and the benefits of homeownership
  • We help you get mortgage ready and become a homeowner
Our Process

You first start by telling us your story. We will ask that you fill out a questionnaire to get an overview of your challenges.

Financial assessment

You will provide us details to understand your financial situation. Disclosing any road block will enable our team to get an accurate picture of your profile and assist you in the best way.

Initial consultation

We will set up an initial meeting with you to discuss your goals. That will allow us to design an action plan together.

Rent-To-Own terms

We create mutually agreeable Rent-To-Own terms based on the financial information: purchase price, rent, initial and monthly deposits.


You go house-hunting with our Realtor to find the house of your dreams.

Purchase of your home

We purchase the house you have picked up. You sign your agreement: a lease and option to purchase contract

Move in your home

We solidify the possession date and you move into your new home.
Your Rent-To-Own program is now in cruise mode.

Program completion

At the end of a successful program, you become owner of your home when you exercise the option to purchase it.

RentToOwn-Now - We’re the first choice of home buyers

Locked Purchase Price

This additional feature enables the option of buying your house at a fixed price at the time of booking.

Credit Repair

We closely work with your credit score & make every effort to increase or maintain your credit score.

Full Homeownership

Enjoy living in your house and pride of homeownership. You'll get the freedom to improve your home as you wish.

Home of Your Choice

You'll not only get your house, but you have the freedom to choose the house you want to buy.

Easy & Legal Process

While we work on fulfilling your dreams, we must take care about government's rules & regulations.

Experienced Team

You'll get to know which type of house matches your lifestyle and budget, before getting the keys.

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