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Allan, an intelligent personality with active key skills. A businessman with a good revenue generation. Suddenly all went down, as he had to file for bankruptcy. One day, Allan saw an ad street of RTON and thinking of his former bankruptcy history, he gave us a shy call to check if he had a chance! He got a huge surprise when we explained that RTON can provide him with the time to renovate his credit bureau whilst he has already moved into the house of his choice. He has now started his journey towards homeownership with RTON. 

RentToOwn-Now - Home owning a program for everyone

We believe that customers are also a part of the process. We handle all steps with transparency towards our clients. From not getting a mortgage to owning a house, we understand how life-changing this can be. That's why we put the PEOPLE at the heart of our RTON program. We are not agents or dealers. We are real estate investors with a mission to provide an optimal solution to improve your financial condition, help you find a home that suits your needs & set everything in motion to get you mortgage ready at the end. Here’s how our expertise did a little magic in Allan’s life.

We know you, You know us

Communication solves half of the issues. We started by focusing on knowing Allan's bankruptcy context & requirements. We built strategies according to that.

The bigger picture of your bankruptcy

We prepared an analytical report of his financial condition & check all his debts and report of bankruptcy.

Terms that we both agree upon

We explained the RTON program terms & confirmed them with a mutual agreement. We developed a blue-print of the whole process- all effort towards his success.

Start our efforts on the project

We took Allan on board & kicked off his program.

Choice of the house that fits all your needs

Although Allan has a bankruptcy, he has some vision-related to him & his family's house.

Start paying smart rent & Get homeownership after completion

Confirming all the process documentation & procedure we immediately moved Allan into the house that he selected by paying an initial deposit.

Time to build a great credit score

Along with buying a new property for Allan and his family, we are helping them achieve financial betterment by renovating their credit.

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